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Stu took the Com-Link...
"Very well good Luck my friend, if you need this take it."
Stu Rolled the dark jedi's lightsaber to him.
"i found this by a Dark jedi that Gus had killed,i'm sorry that i cant throw it to you but well..." Stu pointed to his arm.
"Well im outta here, good luck Jax."
Stu ran down to the hangar bay and flew his damaged ship back to 'The Ghost town'. He Re-grouped with his friends-Alan and Adrian.
"Guys im back get to the hangar now."
"I'll tell you but first dock at base then get to the medical unit, i'll meet you there."
Adrian:"Why the medical unit?"
"Well lets just say that im in a sling to say the least." Laughing friendly*
Alan:"Very well."
Stu walked to the medical bay and lay down on the bed.
*Alan and Adrian Walk in*
Adrian:"Oh My God Stu! your arm! What happend?"
"Told you that i was in a sling."
"Medical Droid, can you create me a new forearm."
4-LOM:"Very well master Zandar."
Stu Went to get his new Robotic arm fited.....

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