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Jax picked up the lightsaber.
He watched Stu go. When he was out of sight Jax continued to the bridge.
He reached the bridge door and walked in.
The bridge was full of people. Officers, dark jedi and at the main control pannel was Rezillo.
An officer looked at him.
Everyone turned. Rezillo looked shocked.
"Surprised to see me?"
"you...But how? no matter" Rezillo looked at the dark jedi and nodded.
They jumped up and ignited their lightsabers
Jax got both of his out and ignited them and smiled
"Bring it on"
Jax jumped and kicked on in the head
Rezillo circled the fight and spoke to jax
"You have learned well..."
Jax stabbed a Draak Jedi
"...but you will not win"
Jax took out the last dark jedi and turned to Rezillo
Rezillo got his lightsaber and ignited both ends
"It's double bladed" He said at the look on Jax's face
Rezillo kicked a storm troopers helmet at Jax and again they began to fight
Jax was beter this time. He jumped and dodged. Rezillo seemed shocked.
"how did you...?"
Rezillo slashed at Jax but jax jumped onto some controls. When Rezillo's slash made contact with it they sparked and Rezillo cried out in anger.
Jax jumped and flipped over Rezillo's head and kicked his lightsaber out of his hands.
"Jax wait" he said as jax's blade almost touched his throat
"It's me....your friend Rezillo!"
Jax stood over him
"I Rezillo I knew is dead" Jax said simply
Jax raised his blade but Rezillo used the force to get his lightsaber back.he ignited it but Jax sliced it in half.
"what are you?"
"Im a jedi" Jax said
Jax kicked Rezillo backwards
Rezillo grabed a dark jedi's lightsaber and a imperial pilots helmet and smiled.
He threw the lightsaber at the glass and it cracked. He put the pilot helmet on and got out a harpoon. He let go and shot the harpoon at the wall. He was sucked out. The emergency cover was applied and Jax could breath aagin but Rezillo Had gone.
Jax ran to the hanger but before he got to His B-wing he remembered something. he took a seismic charge he got from Stu's firespray ship. He ran back to the bridge and put the timer on, it was set to 7 minutes. On the way to his ship he saw Gus.
"Gus theres a bomb on here get out!"
Jax jumped into his B-wing and spead out. He saw a ship in the distance. It was Rezillo's firespray.
"Im coming to get you" Jax said softly, and spead off after Rezillo.....


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