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*A Rebel fleet arrives at the reminants of Earth to reinforce the Federation ships only to find....

The Yuuzhan Vong

Fleet Commander: The Vong!!! Prepare to retreat!

Just then, the rest of the Galactic Empire arrive, approx. 25 ISDs, 7 ISDIIs, 3 ISDIIIs, 2 ISDIVs {Superlaser equippied}, 5 SSDs, 2 SSSDs, and the Death Star IV

Grand Moff Tokov. Commander of the Second Imperium. On board the Death Star 4.

Tokov: Hail the New Republic fleet, I want them to know we're on their side...

Communications Officer: Yes sir... sending message.

The reminants of the Klingnon empire arrive equipped with uncountable pird-of-preys, 68 Battle Cruiser, 23 Gorkon-class Warships, and 3 Battle commandships (about the size of the Home One's length)

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