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Stu Thought about adding some more recruits into Green Squadron, but then He and Alan were good enough to do it by themselfs.
"Hmm... how about we recruit 3 new perople then?" Stu asked Alan.
Alan:"Its up to you man."
"Right, lets go."

Stu and Alan walked up to captain Jackson..
"I'll take three recruits ok." Stu said.
Captain:"Sure, I'll show you the recruits."
"Lets go then."
The Captain showed Stu 8 recruits, but stu picked the 3 he fancied....

Recruit 1.
Name: Fierro Montiero.
Faction:Rebel Alliance.(duh)
Class:Pilot but is also skilled in hacking.
Bio: Fierro is a great pilot but started off as a Hacker for the rebel Alliance.

Recruit 2.
Name:Nicole Baxter.
Faction:Rebel Alliance.
Class:Pilot but is also Skilled in Stealth.
Bio: Sneaky yet trustworthy, Nicole can dogfight imperials easily in her own ship-A special B-Wing.

And the final recruit Stu fancied quite a bit...
Recruit 3.
Name: Rachel Polson.
Age: 14.
Faction: Rebel Alliance.
Class: Pilot, but is also good in Hand-To-Hand combat.
Bio: Rachel was found by the Alliance during a Cantina brawl.

Stu walked up to the three recruits....
"Ladies and gentleman, I am the Squad commander, Admiral Stuart Zandar, But you may call me Stu. i hope you all know the situation so get ready."
Recruits:"Yes sir."
Stu walked up to Rachel..
"Rachel i know this is quick but would you like to be my Second in control?"
Rach:"Whats with the quickness?"
"i dont know but maybe its because i already sorta like you."
Rachel thought that Stu was perving on her...
*Rachel Slaps Stu in the face."
"Oww,What was that for?"
Rach:"Dont be Dumb Stu, i know that your trying to get me in bed!"
"Rachel what Makes you think that."
Rach:"Ok-Ok maybe you were'nt but dont try it because if you do you'll have a boot print on your crotch."
Stu backed off a little bit..
Rach:"I'm sorry but im just a little edgy about this."
"i can understand that, so just relax and if you need backup we'll help you ok, we're a team."
Rach:"Very well, sorry about the slap."
"heh its ok."
"Everyone Get ready!"
Green squadron got ready to fly out into the battle.....

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