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More KOTOR III Possibilty News! (KOTOR MMO Confirmed?)



POSTED 26th September 2005 (AEST)

Hello Ladies and Gents

Guess what I found while browsing the obisidian fourms?


Mailbag 08.30.05

Nothing more than the greatest bundle of all time.


Q.I see that Bioware is recruiting for some new games, which really kinda bums me out. I was hoping for a Knights of the Old Republic 3. With the power of the new Xbox, and maybe a story set in the expanded universe after the movies (like perhaps the Thrawn trilogy) they probably could have easily had the missing killer app in the launch lineup and made a fortune. Any idea if they'll ever make another one?

I believe (think) this is the answer all you KOTOR fans have been waiting for? see below for the answer by an IGN offical -Kookaburra

A.Since another mailbag junkie had recently asked that question and you have bought it up again, I just happen to have a vague but positive answer for you. I spoke with LucasArts the other day and the spokesperson said that they see the series as a franchise, an ongoing franchise, which means that yes, they certainly will make another game. But don't count on BioWare making that game. Most likely, the developer of KOTOR: The Sith Lords will hand the third one, which I am 99% sure will be on Xbox 360. Unless LucasArts decides to take the series to the Xbox next year…which I somehow doubt. I wish I knew more about next year's Xbox lineup, but nobody will say anything. My theory is that developers will make a few, non-important games on the Xbox next year, but the bulk of their money and the important franchises will head to Xbox 360.

Answered by a guy named --Douglass


I found another KOTOR III possibility! well just take this one for the moment as a rumour. This linkie is at least some good news for a possible KOTOR III.(I ain't saying KOTOR III is offical-just a might)

head here to read for yourself my lovely dear friends:

Source (below) for the above possible news!

I will keep a look out for more KOTOR III rumours and hopes.

another source where I foun this from

but in the mean time I will keep searching any where I can for more "hopeful" KOTOR III news.

Good luck Ladies and Gents



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