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while jax tailed Rezillo Don was in trouble, don does also not know that Jax escaped the explosion...
"Damn it!"
Blue Squadron had lost most of their pilots only a few remained.
"Don what do we do?" Dave asked in panic
"Keep a steady head!" Don yelled back
Over intercomm: "we need reinforcments now!"
"copy that blue leader we are sending out green group now!"
Carlson was being tailed by a Tie. His Y-wing was in the path of it's fire power but before it took it's shot Dave shot it down.
"Thanks Dave"
"No problem Carlson"
"Blue leader this is "the nemesis" (a carrier) we are approaching your position we have fresh troups and pilots we will release them immediatly!"
"Thank you commander"
Don dodged Tie fire and barrel rolled as he attacked a star destroyer. Explosions rippled along it, it's shield had given way and it was heavily damaged. The star destroyers bridge was in flames and the star destroyer crashed into another causing a vast explosion. even so the imperials still out numbered them. The rebel defences were giving way, the rebel cruisers had desighned vast energy shields to protect them nothing could get it, but things could go out. If a ship needed to return they had to be granted access. Don's ship was already damaged from his and Jax's attack on a star destroyers insides and now it was worse one of the wings was dmaged badly and the cockpit controls were reading fuel low.
"Command this is Blue Group requesting permission to come back for refueling"
"Permission granted, wait a few moments we are releasing Yellow Group now they will cover your re-entry"
"thank you command"
As Don and the remaining blue group fighters were close to the shields a swarm of ties follwowed them. There was a special re-entry point, if the whol shield went down the rebel cruisers were doomed but a small patch was clearly marked where they could re-enter. Don could see yellow group speeding towards them on the other side of the shield they were also follwowed by Orange group and were in custom D-wings"
As yellow and Orange group left the protection of the shield they opened fire on the ties. This gave blue group a chance to get in. once they were in they made their way to the "ghost town" and docked. As they got out of their ships for a breather they met Stu.
Don looked at him
"Where's Jax?" he demanded...

The trooper fell to the floor. All at once both sides opened fire. The ebel fort rained down death from above. The imeperials were in disaray explosives, napalm everything the rebels had was was thrown at them. An AT-St took a hit and exploded in a burst of flames. Rebel snow speeders were trying to deal with at AT-At and Y wings were bombing the paths to the fort. When more imperial drop ships arrived the Y wings attacked them. A few were take out but some got past.Those that dis get past released their troops and they were bombarded by missiles and napalm. The soliders hit the floor either dead or being burnt alive. the ground batlle had begun...


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