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(well what do you expect? women...can't live with them can't live without them )

Jax tailed Rezillo to the planet below (this planet dosn't seam to have a name but oh well, from now on...planet X...lets be original) Jax landed a few feet away from Rezillo. Jax jumped out and stopped rezillo from running. In the distance they could hear explosions. Jax got out his lightsabers and ignited them, Rezillo got out his duel lightsaber.
"another one ay? scared that i might win if you have a single bladed lightsaber?"
"ha this just gives me...err...more killing oppurtunity. You do know they are harder to master right?"
"yeah what ever"
Rezillo made the first move he ran at jax and tried to slash at him. Jax jumped onto his B wing, rezillo looked at the B wing and then at Jax.
"Im surprised this peice of junk still works"
"You'd be surprised, this baby has saved my life many times"
"hmmm....i seem to remember you also flying that tin can too..the A wing"
"thats custom built, the fastest fighter in the fleet"
"that's nothing to boast about"
Rezillo then looked at the big V-4 written on the body and viper on the wings.
"you named it after your position in viper squadron?" and there was something in his voice that made Jax lower his blade
" were my best friend...why?" Jax said with a seriousness Rezillo could not ignore
Rezillo looked up at him almost tearful
"Jax...I...Never...i don't want to kill....DAMN YOU SCUM!" and to jax surprise Rezillo dropped to his knees and threw his lightsaber to the ground. He broke down in front of him. Jax put his weapons down. He ran to his friend. Rezillo was crying, he grabbed Jax's arm.
"Jax...Forgive me!"
" my friend"
"Thank you...Boss"
They imbraced
They returned to The rebel cruiser the ghost town. As they docked a few pilots ran over to them. As Jax got out Don ran to him
"Jax you're ok! what happened? the explosion, i thought you'd....REZILLO?"
Rezillo exited his firespray...he looked a real mess.
A few pilots stared
Rezillo looked around as if he was home
"I'll explain later" Jax said to Don
Jax took Rezillo to a medical unit where he was drugged so he would sleep. while he slept his brain waves were monitored. Meanwhile Jax filled the captain in...
"So he's been alive for all these years?"
"no longer the only survivor of Viper Squadron now then Jax" said th captain winking at him
"No sir"
Jax felt calmer than he had been in a long time, he no longer felt hate or anger. He was happy behind describing it, he had rezillo back. Jax went back to the medi unit where Rezillo was changing into a yellow jump suit.
"I have something to show you" Jax said smiling
They entered a seperate hanger and there was Rezillo's old B wing
"you got the Shark back up?"
(long story, i wrote a story ages ago at trhe beging of the r/p viper squadron and yeah just a story of how Jax got into viper and stuff, if it wasnt sooooo long i would post it. but anyway, the Shark is Rezillo's old B wing, the one he used in viper squadron's last mission was a normal one)
The V-2 gleamed on the wings and body.
Rezillo Turned to Jax with tears in is eyes
"thank you my friend" They hugged again
Jax got a ladder up and glambered up to the cock pit where he threw Rezillo's old helmet down. Jax turned to go but Rezillo stopped him
"one more time? for viper squadron?"
Jax smiled
"For Viper Squadron"
Jax got into his B wing and they took off to take on the imperials one more time....


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