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"Green Squadron, Lets get moving!" Stu ordered.
Green Squadron Flew out into the battle...
"Green Squadron report-in"
"G-1 Standing by."(Stu.)
"G-2 Standing by."(Alan).
"G-3 Standing by."(Fierro.)
"G-4 Standing by."(Nicole.)
"G-5 Standing by."(Rachel.)
"Ok we're all in heres what we're gonna do, we're gonna run along the sides of the furthest star destroyer and it out. First off me and Nicole will fly down and hopefully take down the shields then Alan, Fierro and Rachel will make they're attack runs and destroy the bridge whilst me and Nicole will cover you.Lets go!"
Nicole:"Stu, are you sure this will work?"
"Trust me on this Nicky, I have done this before, i was once the Gold group commander. I helped Viper Squadron take out 2 imperial Barge's, i think i know what im doing."
Nicole:"Fair Enough."
"Ok Squad we split up here, good Luck Green group two."
Alan:"Just Like the good old days."

P.S. Well i made Rachel because the Story cant have Perfect characters,know what i mean. Plus i want to add little stupid things that would happen if it was reality e.g:Ships running out of Fuel,Droids Short-Circuiting etc....

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