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"I assure you Gus im quite alive" said Rezillo
Jax smiled
"Don't worry Gus I''l Explain Later right now we are gunna finish this once and for all!"
Viper Squadron moved into attack. They worked as a seem less team covering each other as they attacked. Carlson and Jat looped over some Tie fighters that were trailing them and blasted them out of space. Jax Dived, Rezillo followed. Don and Dave headed to the bridge. They fired and the bridge rippled as it's shields were tested. The star destroyer was weak and was going to go quickly. Jax and Rezillo opened fire on the engines and the shield and the engines gave way. The Star Destroyers ground to a halt. Carlon and Jay shot at the bridge and explosions rippled along it. All at once the members of viper sqaudron fired a torpedo at the birdge and the star destroyer's bridge exploded. The body of the star destroyer floated helplessly and exploded. they clebrated the small victory but little did they know what was in store....


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