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(( Wow... I looked through the Original Phantom thread, and our RPG skills have improved greatly! We used to make one line posts about the story, and it was horrible grammar, but now... Amazing! ))

Gus did a barrel roll.
"Watch it!" yelled Kait
"Sorry!" Gus yelled back.
He did another barrel roll and shot down a TIE fighter.
An X-Wing pulled up beside them. It was Kaitlyn's... Her droid was using Auto Pilot on the ship. She put on her pilot's helmet and acyivated the oxygen dupply on her suit. She opened the Cockpit and jumped into her's.
"Ok Jax, now is our chance!''
"Im listening in on the Imperial's communications chatter, they're in complete dissaray, They weren't expecting this big of a fleet!" Reported Kaitlyn.
"Good, Lets go now!" Said Vince ((Vince is another recruit from Gold Squad ))
"Hang on, Vince."
I destroyed two more fighters and yelled over the comm.
"All Rebels, protect the Viper Squadron, we're moving in!"
I glance over and couldn't find Kaitlyn.
"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" came a voice from the comm.
He looked behind him. Kaitlyn's ship was doing barrel rolls and flips. She dodged rockets and laser shots from the destroyers.
No.... A torpedo hit her wing and she started to go down.
"KAITLYN!!!!!" Gus dove down after her.

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