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(( We should fall in love? Did you type something wrong or do you like Kait? ))

"The Weapon....."
Gus rememberd his years as an Imperial. They mentioned a weapon so powerful, it could destroy an entire Galaxy.
"RETREAT!!!" Gus yelled over the intercom
"A bomb!" It was too late, Rebel fighters started attacking.... The Imperials would defeat them once and for all....
He ignored these thoughts and jumped into Kaitlyn's ship. She looked... dead... Her face was scratched and bloody... Someone tried to hi-jack her ship... the contriol panel was demolished.
He graabed her around the waist and pulled her into his ship. He need to stop the Imperials, and fast.
"Retreat! The Imperials have an ''ultimate weapon"... A bomb... a huge, warp bomb."

(( if this isn't what you were planning on, just make the other thing come intot he story too. ))

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