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(sorry about that was a typo, and Jax assumes you have fallen for her. Yeah it's a good idea i was also put something else in but it's a secret...)

Jax stared, a weapon? then he remembered
the message he received on planet x.
"This is Viper Squadron, all ships fall back do not attack the star destroyers"
"Copy that V-4" said the other group leaders in unison.
They all fell back.
"wait....whats that?" said Orange Leader
"Oh god...Gus! what is he doing?" jax said stunned
Jax raced after him but suddenly a star destroyer emerged from a riff in space. Jax froze. the made the emeperprs servant look tiny. It was massive.
"the emperors slave" said Rezillo stunned
"I heard about it....aparently thats the ship that the dark lord....well is on"
Jax felt a pouding in his throat. This was it....

(on the planet x the imperials have retreated and taken to space the rebels are in hot persuit and come to rest inside the shield, i would write about it, but i cant be bothered)


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