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Gus raced towards the Emporer's Slave, he knew that bomb on board would kill them all. He ran up alongside it, dodging turret shots and rockets. He had to be careful, he didn't want Kaitlyn to be killed because he was stuid enought to take on a Mile long Star Destroyer. He dropped a rocket on it. It left a small amunt of damage on the shields. Thsi would take too long, he had to retreat. He sped towards Jax, dodging shots. He stopped alongside Viper Squad.
"Listen Jax, We have to do something quick, that bomb will ex-"
He stopped. He just realized Kaitlyn was awake, in the Co-Pilot's seat.
"Hi" She said
"HI!? What happened to you back there!?"
She resorted to one thing. She kissed him on th elips and he stopped talking. It was like her weapon, she kissed him and he shut up. His heart raced and his cheeks blushed.
"Jax, What's the plan?"

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