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Jax, thought.
"To be honest Gus i have no idea, This is beyonf anything i've ever handled"
"jax we have to get onbaord and deactivate the bomb" said Rezillo
Jax thought again
"Ok Gus, Stu, Viper squadron, follow me, Orange and Red Leader cover our approach we are going in"
Jax raced off towards the emperors slave. It had so many hangers...
"That one" said rezillo
"that will get us closest to the bridge and the emperors chambers"
They dodge turret fire. The ray shiled over the hanger was on but Jax knew how to deal with that he shot at the generator it exploded. The shield went down and the metal shield was coming out Jax and the other managed to get in.
"Jay hack into the controls and make sure that ray shield goes back up, i dont want to have to run around while we look for a way out"
Jax jumped out of his B wing and got out is lightsabers he threw one to rezillo who ignited it and they defelcted shots back at the strom troopers.
"Got it!" jay yelled
The metal shield slid back and the ray shield replaced it
"ok guys lets split up, me, Rezillo, Gus and Kaitilyn will look for the emperor"
"and the officer in charge of weapons, without him there will be not more bombs like this" said Rezillo
"right, Ok so me and rezillo will go after the emperors and Gus and Kaitalyn will go after the officer and the others go to the bridge and find where the bomb is, we will meet you there, Stu you still got that inter comm i gave you?" Jax said as he turned to leave


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