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"right...let's go" Jax gritted his teeth and him and rezillo left. They walked in silence for a while until they came across a guard. He was dressed in a red robe, Jax recognised his as one of the emperors guards. He gripped an electro-stick that was buzzing softly. Jax and rezillo ignited their sabers. They stood there for a moment the guard seemed to be considering them. and then he attacked, jax blocked his attack and rezillo went for the kill. The guard hit the floor lifeless.
Jax looked at Rezillo.
"did we have to kill him?"
"Yes...sorry i have to get used to not being....lets get moving"
Rezillo lead the way. They came to a stop outside a chamber.
"This is it, i expected more guards than this"
They entered
The room was large and dark.
"I've been expecting you" i horse voice said
The sith lord swivled in his chair
"Rezillo, you will die for your treason...and jax you will become my servant"
"never" Jax said softly
The dark lord smiled. Rezillo face was passive, he showed no emotion.
"lets go!"
They ignited their sabers and moved forwards. The sith lord got up and ignited his lightsaber and laughed madly...


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