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Gus and Kaitlyn ran into the room. The emporor was cackling and jax and rezillo got into battle position. I picked up a red saber off the ground and handed it to Kailtyn. we got into Jedi Ofeense stance and stood beside Jax and Rezillo. Kaitlyn was tense. she wouldn't do too well if she was this tense. The emporor withdrew a red saber and ignited it. He jumped into the air and immediatly dashed at Kaitlyn. He grabbed he arm and kicked her stomach. She felw backwards and hit the wall, grimacing in pain. "Kaitlyn!" Gus had to do it. he had to Force ascream. But he'd kill Jax, Rezillo, and Kaitlyn if he didn't grab them. He continiued to attack, still thinking up a plan. The emperor force pushed him ontot he floor, and Gus finally realized what he had to do.
"Guys, Run!"If he succeded, he'd drain himself of nearly all energy, but if he didn't, they'd all die. another lose-lose situation. Or was it?

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