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Rezillo looked at Gus. and smiled. He force pushed him out throught the door way. He then turned to Kaitilyn. he force pushed her into Gus and he closed the door and sealed it.
"No more distractions"
Jax stared at Rezillo. Rezillo turned on him.
"sorry my friend"
Rezillo force pushed Jax into a wall. He was knocked out.
"This is my fight, and mine alone"
Rezillo stepped up to face the emperor....

Kenny walked into the hanger on the "lawrence arm" He looked around. The pilots were milling around waiting.
"what are you doing?" he asked one
"waiting for the all clear"
"oh..." Kenny walked over to his A wing
"Permission to go out and scout sir
"certainly not"
Kenny looked down at the floor. how long would they have to wait?

(im gunna do some posts using Rezillo later)


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