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Rezillo stared at the emperor.
"well well, my old student has come to challenge me"
"yes...I have!"
"hmmmm i always knew you had too many links to the rebels to be a worthy aprentice so i brought you here to get me a new one"
"Gus kenobi"
"Him? But I have years of training!"
"And? Gus has anger and hatred you do not and that will be his fall to the dark side"
"Not if i can help it"
"thats just it...YOU CAN'T!"
The emperors ran at Rezillo. Rezillo was ready. He dodged. And rolled backwards. He picked up Jax's lightsaber and ignited it. Rezillo jumped up.
"You will not win Rezillo, right now Gus Kenobi is plotting your downfall"
"Gus? He is another matter. This is about you stealing my life!"
Rezillo ran at the emperor who laughed. He used force lightning but Rezillo blocked it.
"very good..."
"You'll find im full of surprises"
"I do know...i did teach you"
"you taught me nothing but to hate...Jax has tought me about friendship and trust and that will be my weapon"
The emperor yawned
"that is very cliche"
"maybe...but it's true"
Rezillo could sense Gus's anger, He just hoped Gus wouldn't interfeir before he could finish the emperor.


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