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Stu seen his friends run off into a battle, he would have followed them but he did not have a lightsaber yet ,so Stu ran off down the other way, blasting any Stormtroopers that were near him, He picked up 4 Remote Mines..
"Hmm where is the ships main control room?" Stu said to himself.
Stu looked at his comm-link..
"Gus,Jax,Rezillo,Kaitlyn, if you hear me finish what you gotta do quickly because im making my way to the main control room, Im going to Blow the ship up!"
Stu ran past the Main Hangar.. he planted A Det-Pack on the rooms generator, He ran down to the engine bay and killed all the troopers, Picking up 2 more Det-Packs and planting them on the engine's control panel.
Stu began the walk to the main control room....

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