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Okay, so here are two Psychonauts-related pictures I drew...well, crappily. But oh well. Now's your chance to make fun of my drawing skillz!

Here's Raz. This picture took about...a mintue or two. I actually drew it at my friend's mother's boyfriend's house just before we were about to watch The Stepford Wives...because I was bored. Hooray.


He probably looks stupid and his outfit is most likely inaccurate.

And here's Milla, with an iPod. Because somehow I ended up thinking about Milla and those iPod commercials at the same time during art class one day. Can't you see her in one of those iPod commercials? Anyway, I drew this to have fun with my friend's professional pencils.

The picture is still mediocore though. I liker hair...but I don't like how her eye goes off of her face and how she's wearing a plain dress. I'm too lazy to go back and fix it and add a pattern on her dress, though.


Have fun. Make fun. I just felt like sharing.

[and making a semi-long post...]
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