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It was then Gus realized he had been tricked. the meperor had wanted him here... but why? No... It couldn't.... H eknew why... But it didn't matter, Gus no longer senesed the darkness that he felt when he boarded the ship. The emperor was dead. He was still angry at Rezillo and he knew Jax wouldn't allow Gus to kill him. But he had to... No... He couldn't! He... he... He couldn't stop his destiny, the future couldn't be changed.... but no, maybe he was wrong... or maybe he was right. whatever he was, he knew he was sick and tired. his stomach ached and his forehead was burning... a fever perhaps. Kaitlyn. He realized she was sick, and when they kissed... Gus sighed and turned around, Rezillo knew where Kaitlyn was, maybe he and Jax could help him. He walked on down the hall, not noticing that he was being watched.

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