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Stu heard a message on the radio...
Don:"Jax this's tech is beyond anything i've ever seen before not even Jay can crack it...wait...somethings's coutning down....the-"
"oh crap. i've gotta get to them before its to late."
Stu called on the comm-link...
"Jax,Rezillo, its Stu, We've got to find Don and Jay, the bombs gonna blow."
Stu then decided to radio back to his ship and R7...
"R7, i need you to bring the ship back i need your help."
R7 returned and drove over to Stu...
"R7, i need you to hack into the ships mainframe and find the bomb and Don and Jay."
R7 plugged into the ship and found Don,Jay and the bomb down in the bowels of the ship."
"Jax, I've found their position,im sending you their position."
"Lets go R7."

(If the bowels of the ship were not where you wanted the bomb to be you can say and i'll change it)

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