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Jax docked with the emperors slave. He jumped out. He knew that he and Rezillo would be fighting the emperor now so they would have to make it to the bowells of the ship. Rezillo jumped out. And followed Jax to the elevator. They shot down to shaft that lead to the bowells. They would have to coninue on foot. As the elevator stopped. Jax spotted Don. Don turned.
"Oh hey guys, you finished with the emperor already?"
Jax and Rezillo followed Don and Jay. They found the bomb sooner than Jax had expected.
"Ok Jay do yuor stuff"
"hmmmm this's weird"
"how so?"
"I don't think you can disarm it..."
"I'll radio Gus...Gus this's tech is beyond anything i've ever seen before not even Jay can crack it...wait...somethings's coutning down....the-" Jax swiped the comm and stepped on it.
"what are you doing"
"err...The comm might interfier with the bomb...we don't want it going off"
"oh...ok...well next time tell me will ya?"
"so we can't defuse it....what do we do?"
"I have an idead" Rezillo said
"well don't keep us in suspense"
"We could move the bomb"
"How will that help?"
Jax suddenlt realized what he meant
"yeah....err Don and Jay you go we can deal with it from here"
"Oh and tell everyone to get out"
"got it"
As don walked away he heard Don radio in
"ok lets go"
"the bridge" Rezillo said simply

(Note: When Don radios Gus he means the Gus from the past not the one thats trying to save Kaitilyn)


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