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Between them Jax and Rezillo carried the bomb to the bridge. Once there Rezillo looked it over to see if there was anything they could do. But no nothing could be done. Rezillo got to the controls and set the dimension jump. They had 10 minutes to get out.
"Gus this is Jax we're ready, you've got ten minutes to get out!"
Jax and Rezillo ran to the door. But the door opened before they could reach it.
A dark Jedi was stadning there...he took of his balaclava. His sleek blonde hair came down over his cold grey eyes. Rezillo looked like he had seen a ghost.
"I was wondering if i would see you here...Master is dead and i just know you had something to do with it..."
"I...yes I killed him....he has lied to us Lars...Open your eyes"
"Jax you better go"
"NO! no one will leave this room!"
"The bomb will go off soon Lars!"
"Then we will die!"
Rezillo force pushed Lars out of the way
"JAX RUN!" He yelled
Jax stood there, Rezillo kicked lars back and pushed jax out of the door. Jax grabbed him and they fell. Jax slammed the door behind them and put on the force shield.
"That should buy us some time"
They ran to the hanger....


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