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I'm going to post up some other people's artwork. This time from Whispering Rock. I find them quite entertaining.

VykkerLady's Fan Art
I like this one but it is probably my least favorite of all of hers.
I really like his boots in this one.
This took me a while to get what was going on. However his exppresions are amusing.
In the top Lobot's either dancing or laughing at Raz's pitiful attempts. Pitiful cute attempts. And then we see Fred and Crispin. Their jackets make me laugh for some reason. Just swivel your eyes over the part of the jacket that traps their arms.
I'm glad someone else than me really liked Crispin as a character. She's subjecting him to more torture though. And it makes me wonder why Fred is happy. Maybe he is sucking the life juice out of Crispin?
My favorite as he seems to be lost in some really strange thoughts.
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