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As they entered the hanger they met Gus and Kaitilyn They all ran to their fighter except...
Rezillo stopped, Jax turned
"I have to stay..."
"Look Rezillo this is no time to act the hero!"
"I'm not acting the's just..Lars....He.."
Jax looked at him
"Jax you're by best friend but i can not abandon a teenager who was like my brother even if he does not see the light"
"Rezillo...You can't change him...he will kill you"
"Maybe....but I owe him that"
All of a sudden Lars came flying through the wall. He crouched there lightsaber ignited
"We have unfinsihed buisness"
"I know....Jax...GO!"
Jax did not move
"GO!" Rezillo yelled
"I will not leave you"
"Now who's acting the hero?"
Jax smiled faintly. Rezillo sighed and turned
"you coped without me for 3 can do it again"
Rezillo struck Jax around the back of the head rendering him unconcious. He carried him to his ship. And put him in. He set the auto pilot to follow Gus.
"Look after him Gus....Go back through the warp...Kaitilyn must stay here...she will be ok in the other time now....we have righted the wrong"
Rezillo watched as Jax's ship took off
"Good Bye...Boss"
Rezillo turned and his cape billowed out in and impressive way...
"Let's do it"
"Yes..Lets Darth Rezz"
"It's not darth Rezz anymore...It's Viper 2"
He ignited his lightsaber and walked towards Lars....


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