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Photos of Me!

Im turning 12 in a week, Is my hair awsome or what?

To view, scroll down and click ''Free'', then scroll down to the bottom of the next page and wait for the pikz to load.

Gus followed Rezillo's orders. "Kailtyn, stay here."
"I wanna know what's going on!"
"Don't worry, Rezillo will explain it to you."
He watched Rezillo attack Lars and he boarded the ship, heading towards the warp hole, he noticed the Emperor's Servant. Just metal and flames... floating, dead, in space. ZIIIIIIIIIP. Gus opened his eyes. He was in the ship, with Jax and Kait. The Emeror's Slave was overturned and lifeless. "What's goin on!?" Kaitlyn glanced at me. Rezillo had told her what had happened, she understood. He sensed Rezillo and Lars, but didn't know where. "Jax, This looks... Different."

98 percent of the teenage population has tried some type of drug or underage drinking at some point. Put this in your sig if you like potatoes.
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