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Jax looked, yes something was different. He could sense Rezillo and Lars still but they were no longer fighting. Jax went to the viewing window. The wreckage of the rebel fleet met his eyes.
"We're in the wrong place" He said quietly
"We have to find Rezillo and find out what has happened"
Jax went to the only place he thought Rezillo might be...The empeors chamber. The slid open. Jax looked into the dark room towards the chair. There was someone sitting in it. As Jax drew closer the chair turned. Rezillo was sitting there. He looked at Jax and gasped.
"errr...Rezillo whats going on we're not in the right place"
"what? what are you talking about?"
"Don't you remember?"
"I remember you....Lars dispose of him"
"Yes master"
Lars came out of the darkness
"Whats going on? Wheres the emperor?"
"what?" Jax said shocked
"Shall I Kill him now master?"
Jax turned
"Yes, he will be no trouble"
Jax got out his lightsaber and ignited it
"What's this? Jax you're a jedi?"
"KILL HIM!" Rezillo yelled at Lars.
Jax struck at Lars and then ran. He ran until he found Gus and Kaitilyn.
"We....are....In the wrong place" he panted
"We need to get to the bridge and change dimensions"

(If was not where you were going with it just say and i will delete this post)


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