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Stu was flying back to the ghost town, but then he seen the Warped Emperors slave and thought that if he could see it then the rebels would see it! But Stu had to figure out how he would get Kaitlyn to the medical bay.
All of a sudden Kaitlyn woke but she looked terrible....
"Kaitlyn! you should rest your very hurt."
Kaitlyn:"St-Stu, wheres gus?"
"Dont worry he wont be long, hes just gone to sort things out."
Kaitlyn:"Uh ok."
"Now, i need to get you to a medical unit."
Kaitlyn fell back asleep...
Stu docked in the back hangar and got Kaitlyn to a spare medical room, surprisingly without anyone knowing, But to be sure he locked the door once it shut...
Stu carried Kaitlyn into a Bacta tank and connected her. He switched it on...
"Phew, your safe now Kait."

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