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(I aim for this to be the last post. I will start up a new thread soon, Cheers Guys. The Phatom threads will end with this post)

Jax ran to the bridge. He did not care if Gus followed him or not. When Jax arrived at the Bridge no one was there. Jax ran to the controls. Lars must have changed them, he thought to himself. Jax flicked a switch and the ship lurched. Jax looked out the viewing window. It looked like the clone wars. Jax flicked the switch again. He saw the rebel fleet. This must be the right time. The rebel shields were still up. This was it. he was sure. He jumped up. And he set the emperors servant to jump into another dimension in 10 minutes. He radiod Gus. And then he ran to the Hanger. He jumped into his fighter. He looked at the ship for the last time.
"Goodbye Rezillo"
He flew out of the hanger. The ship lurched. It shrunk and then disapeared. Jax flew back to the Ghost Town. He saw Stu's ship which meant he was here. They were back. Jax went to the seperate hanger. Rezillo's ship was still there. Jax stood there for a moment. Rezillo was still out there....the good one. And Jax vowed to find him even if it killed him. Jax yawned. The past few months had been hell. Stu and Gus had gone then came back. Rezillo was found after 3 years and Nekx was dead. Jax turned. Not for the first time had he thought to himself "It's not over yet"....

The End


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