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Smile Star Wars Games of the PS2 Generation

Ok, I liked researching my PSX Generation Thread and believe in it's potential so much I've created another one with the same ideals (and considering a NES Gen one too, if I can stay awake long enough!). Apologies for the copy/paste deal but the right changes have been made to make it a valid thread rather than spam (I hope!). ^_^

When I say PS2 Generation I mean Playstation 2(obviously), X-Box, Gamecube & GameBoy Advance. I did consider to add the Nintendo: DS and the Playstation Portable but considering there aren't many (if any) Star Wars games out for either then it would be rather useless. Leave them for the "SW Games of the PS3 Generation" then. ^_^ These games have been out since 2001 until the present day which has been a time for real change in the SW universe. The Clone Wars era has marked a turn of the page, however, is it for better or worse? SEGA has stopped making consoles and now Microsoft's X-Box is the main challenger to the throne with Nintendo's GameCube being utterly and horribly underestimated. Some significant graphic advances have seen the most stunning and visually brilliant SW games be developed but is it all taking away from the gameplay? I'll post up all the games I can manage to work out being out for these consoles, I'd appreciate it if someone could step in and correct me/add more! I'll even have the different makes for each game included just incase Battlefront is better on the Playstation 2 than it is the X-Box. ^_^ The deal with the thread is for people to come in and offer their opinions on said games and recommend some. Or maybe it's just a ploy to get this board active? Maybe...

Game Boy Advance
Episode II: The New Droid Army
Jedi Power Battles (also on PS & DC)
Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Flight of the Falcon
SW Trilogy: Apprentice of the Force
LEGO Star Wars (also on PS2, X-BOX, GC & PC)
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (also on PS2, X-BOX, DS & PSP)

I'll be honest, I have NO CLUE about these games. If pushed I would probably buy Flight of the Falcon just because it's the Falcon!. This is more for the benefit of those of you with GBA's. Would be handy to know the quality of the games though because I could be tempted to buy a GBA if there was a few good SW games available.

Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron II
Bounty Hunter (also on PS2)
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (also on X-BOX & PC)
The Clone Wars (also on PS2 & X-BOX)
Rebel Strike: Rogue Squadron III
LEGO Star Wars (also on PS2, X-BOX, GBA & PC)

I own a GameCube but ashamedly only have Rogue Leader. I have come close to buying Bounty Hunter, The Clone Wars & Rebel Strike but I'll wait for another price drop. Would be nice to hear an opinion on anyone who has experienced the multi-console games on more than the GC. Are ANY of the non-exclusive games worth buying?

Playstation 2
Starfighter (also on X-BOX & PC)
Super Bombad Racing (also on PC)
Jedi Starfighter (also on X-BOX)
The Clone Wars (also on GC & X-BOX)
Racer Revenge
Bounty Hunter (also on GC)
Battlefront (also on X-BOX & PC)
LEGO Star Wars (also on GC, X-BOX, GBA & PC)
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (also on X-BOX, GBA, DS & PSP)
Battlefront II -(release date 11/01/2005)- (also on X-BOX, PSP & PC)

I loved Starfighter (after my first PS2 went on fire I sold all my games but I'd like this one back now I have a slimline), I have Battlefront on PC and I'm looking forward to the sequal on PC too but Revenge of the Sith was gash apart from the little extra story-points and alternate endings. BH and TCW's look alright but they're out for the GC too! I'll end up buying LEGO SW for the PS2 though since I hear that's the best format. Haven't a clue about the rest.

Starfighter: Special Edition
Jedi Starfighter (also on PS2)
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (also on PS2 & PC)
Knights of the Old Republic (also on PC)
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
The Clone Wars (also on PS2 & GC)
Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (also on PC)
Battlefront (also on PS2 & PC)
Republic Commando (also on PC)
LEGO Star Wars (also on PS2, GC, GBA & PC)
Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith (also on PS2, GBA, DS & PSP)
Battlefront II -(release date 11/01/2005)- (also on PS2, PSP & PC)

I don't own an X-Box and there's not many exclusive games for it to warrant me buying one, I can't see X-Box being better than my PC for a lot of these games...anyone wish to differ?

:::The Poll question is regarding Star Wars games. Don't vote for a console because it has DOOM III or Final Fantasu X! This is all about the SW games and don't forget it!:::

Star Wars Games of the PSX Generation
Star Wars Games of the PS2 Generation
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