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Animated Textures

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I tried to add some animated textures to the mask I am working on(, but I ran into difficulties... The only information I have on the animated textures is from, but this article is not very detailed. Does anyone know a better source of information?

What I was trying to do is to make the eye glow with animated textures. I had a look at some animated textures from the game like fx_baodur and so on...
I appears to me these animated textures are like gifs and that they store the frames of animation. Animation type and animation parameters are declared in the corresponding *.txi file.(?) But I couldn't figure out how to control the animation exactely. What I did so far:
-define a 1024x1024 fx_texture to store 16 frames of animation each frame is a 256x256 block in the texture(I guessed...)
-apply the fx_texture to the eye
-map the eye to first frame(the 256x256 block in the upper left corner)
-In the txi file I declared proceduretype cycle, numx 4 numy 4 and fps 1

There is some a cycle of different frames, but not the ones I wanted...

Does anyone know how to do this or a better source of information on the animated textures?

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