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Ok, lets get started.

Here is "template" txi which I use

envmaptexture cm_baremetal
proceduretype cycle
#defaultwidth 128
#defaultheight 128
numx 3
numy 1
fps 15
#blending additive

So, "envmaptexture" is give you that chrome efect in game
Proceduretype is how will be animation, Here is something strange. For example if you have 3x3 animated texture the steps will be:
1 2 3
7 8 9
4 5 6
Defaultwidth and defaultheight seems to be useless because even if I put comment sign (chr #) or I modify values does not affect animation, so no need for those 2.
Important is numx and numy which define how many textures are horizontal and vertical.
FPS is how many frames /sec (NOT complete cycle).
Blend aditive I use sometimes to make transparent channel black

How to use this
First, when you make mapping use some sample tga and do all thing for static texture. After exporting model you will need to edit that texture.

Example. Here is a custom lightsaber hilt which I made-it for MdKnightR and is a good example:

Sorry for my bad english
I someone want to "translate" what I write will be welcome.

ps You can use animated definition for cm_baremetal or another custom texture used for chrome effect. In that way you can use 2 animations for your textures. In short time I will post some new models with multiple animated textures. (

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