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I got some pic. I use my lightsaber for example. In that way you can see how it works (last lightsaber from here:
This was my steps:
1. I map the hilt using a single texture 128x128
and done with uvw unwrap
2. Export model and test in TSL to see how it looks
3. In photoeditor
- I load original texture
- create new file with custom size 384x384 (3*128) for using at 9 frames animation (pic called "untitled - 4")
- fill the new pic with original texture until I get 9 objects 128x128 ("w_shortsbr_009-anim.tga"
note: on w_shortsbr_009-anim.tga red mark and numbers are only to show you the animation order for proceduretype cycle
- I edit every object to gibe some "glow" effect in animation
- Save final texture overwriting the one which I use for mapping and create the txi file
to contain this

envmaptexture cm_baremetal
proceduretype cycle
defaultwidth 128
defaultheight 128
numx 3
numy 3
fps 15
#blending additive
#decal 1

In your case:
Load model in 3deditor, unwrap uvw, select all verticles and make resize to fit with texture. NOT first frame, not second. Use all texture size.

Or more simple, convert w_shortsbr_009.mdl to ascii and look how is mapped.

note: all animations thing are photoeditor job. not 3deditor.
In txi file: lines which start with # are ignored and can be deleted

You have done something like this:
but if you do mapping like this it will be ok

One suggestion:
In your texture the cycle order is
1 2 3 4
13 14 15 16
9 10 11 12
5 6 7 8
You can use 2048x512 texture and the order is
1- 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 -7 -8

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