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Originally Posted by SITHSLAYER133
i say let em work on it till its good not rushed

Well said!!

I was truly upset about KOTOR 2 being rushed...because of all the bugs and glitches.

I say the longer it takes for them to work on it...the less bugs and glitches there will be (hopefully!)...

But...I agree with you 100%. ALTHOUGH, it WOULD stink if it came out in 2009. 2007 is a LITTLE more bareable than 2009..but...that would mean I'd have to get the next-gen XBOX console. And the way I figure is... I already have the original XBOX (that cost over $100 --less than $200), why should I have to use another almost $200 to buy ANOTHER Xbox.

^ The only good thing is..the next-gen XBOX will be able to play games from the ORIGINAL Xbox! (that means...the games I have NOW..won't go to waste! -----Although...I'd have to start all my games over from scratch...UNLESS Microsoft® develops a way to transfer game information and soundtracks on your XBOX hardrive over to the hardrive for the Xbox360 <--that would be a REALLY.NICE.FEATURE (anyone agree with me??).).

That's my $0.02


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