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(( Hey, Jedi. What's up? Man, so I assume Jax never comes back or what? ))

Name: Gus Kenobi
Class: Pilot, Gold Squadron Commander (Former Spec Ops, see Phantom RPs)
Side: Rebels
Ship: Modified X wing
Weapons: Red Lightsaber
Ship Weapons: 2 Heavy Laser Cannons, 1 Proton Torpedo Launcher with 5 Torpedos, 1 Turbo Laser Battery
Bio: Gus Kenobi was at one time a Rebel Pilot and Jedi. His best friends, Jax and Stu, were at one time lost. Gus feared they'd never return and he decided to leave the Rebels. His girlfriend Kaitlyn followed (See Phantom RP)
She ended up finding her home planet and she is now staying with her mother and father on Onderon under the rule of the great leader Queen Talia. But Gus on the other hand, found his home planet destroyed by his own anger. He went back to wandering the galaxy until Kailtyn's parents said he could stay with them until he finds a new home. He later moved to Dantooine to fulfill his dreams of being a Jedi Master. He never saw Kailtyn again. Then, he was drafted to become a Pilot again and lead Gold Squad in a new war.

Gus awoke to find himself floating in a Kolto Tank, bobbing up and down as the ship he was on shook violently. The hum of the engines was no more and wires spat sparks from destroyed conduits as far as he could see. The only light was the glow from the blue water in the tank. Gus closed his eyes and concentrated. He screamed and the breathing device smashed. The glass cracked and shattered and Gus was pushed out on the floor. a metal desk was off to the side of him. On it lay his lightsaber nad some sort of key and a datapad. Gus picked it up and read:

Entry 104.23848.0060-183.84750.4230

hThis Jedi is a curse! He dissapeared during training one day and we found him unconcious in his ship. The ship looked torn, like a rock or something with a large mass had hit it. He's still in the Kolto Tank an-
Oh no! The lights have just gonme out! I can barely see so I'm going to end this ent-


The datapad ended there. There were scorch marks all over the bottom half. He looked at the detroyed conduit. It must have fried the circuits in the datapad. But who set it off.... and why?

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