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(Oh Jax will return...some day)

The Rebel cruiser "Ghost Town" shook violently. Don was having trouble standing. He was being thrown around like a rag doll.
"Blue group! Meet me in the hanger!" Don yelled over his intercom
This was crazy! If the rebels hoped to take area 64 they would have to fight like they did back in the day's of Viper Squadron. Don managed to reach the hnager without too much trouble. He saw his friends Dave (Blue 4) and Carlson (Blue 12) with Jay (Blue 2) right behind them. The new recruits looked nervous. Some where trying to act tough but Don knew it was just an act. He had seen their kind before. Don put his helmet on and turned to Blue Group.
"Right Guys, we have to take out those star destroyers before we can get to the planet below. Or create a big enough distraction while the ground assualt team do their stuff"
Don looked at his squadron. This would be hard.
"Get to your ships and good luck Blue Group!"
Don turned and ran off to his B wing. He clambered in and shut the hatch. He sure wished Jax was here. Jax was probabaly the best B wing pilot in the galaxy, maybe even one of the best pilots in the world. Stu and Gus didn't ever seem to be on the same level as Jax. They had completly different styles of flying so it was hard to judge. Don took off. Once outside the hanger he could see the fleet of star destroyers surrounding the planet. Well, They had once destroyer two of the most powerful Imperial ships in the galaxy (The Emeperors Slave and The Emperors Servant) so this should be easy. Following normal procedure Don said;
"All wings report in"
"Blue 2 standing by"
"Blue 4 standing by"
"Blue 12 standing by"
"Blue 3 standing by"
"Blue 5 standing by"
"Blue 6 standing by"
"Blue 8 standing by"
"Blue 10 standing by"
"Blue 14 standing by"
"All wings in attack formation"
The B wings in Blue Group all changed into attack position. The Y wings continued as normal.
"Ok this is it boys, stay together and remember the plan"
"Got it Blue Leader"
Don swerved and dodged as Tie Fighters opened fire.


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