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Don heard Gus's voice
"Gus...Jax is's just me" He said soflty
Don looked to his right. A group of Tie fighters was coming there way.
"Blue group you know what to do"
Don shot towards the group of Tie's and dived. Two tie fighters talied him. Excellent his plan was working. Don lead the Tie fighters towards a star destroyer. He dodged fire and ducked as a heavy blast was directed at him. One tie exploded. The other bounced off the flaming wreck of the other one and hit the side of the star destroyer. Don smiled but immediatly he knew it was a mistake. There were swarms of Tis fighters everywhere. And the star destroyer was relentlessly firing at him. He dodged and ducked but he was in trouble. He managed to swing his ship around and re-grouped with the others.
"Blue Group, lets take out some star destroyers!" Don yelled into the comm. link.


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