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"Hands up!" yelled the prison guard, his blaster rifle raised at Elena's head. elena stumbled back.
"Yeah, right." Her assassin droid jumped out from behind the pillar and activated his duel flame cannons. The Battle droid caught fire and exploded. Elena and her droid opened fire on the guards. Two fell to the ground under the heavy blatser fire of the assassin droid's Blaster Cannons. elena's heavy blaster pistol took down three more and the last one was killed when a droid beside it exploded. Elena picked up the guard's assassin dagger and she ran down the path, her droid close behind. "So Master, Who is our target." They both stopped in the woods for a quick brake. A hologram of a 14 year old boy with his lightsaber ignited appeared above her wristband. "Gus Kenoib. Jedi Knight and Retired Pilot. if we can capture him, we can lure Jax and the other Rebels into our trap. That way we can easily invade Sector 64 and steal the Imperial's stash of weapons."
"A perfect plan, as always, master."
"Thank You." She said as she stood up and started to walk towards her ship. she and her droid hopped in and the gunner just barely lifted off the ground and hovered. She slammed her finger on a small, blue button and the ship started to fly out of Dxun's atmosphere. she had just escaped from a Heavily Guarded Mandalorian Prison and made it out alive. That took some skill.

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