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(Damn it i hate assasin droids! lol)

New Character!!

Name: Kenny
Class: Soldier, Scout
Side: Rebels
Ship: A wing
Weapons: Custom Sniper rifle (double for quickfire), Blaster Bistol, Electro Staff, 4 thermal detanotors, 2 EMP grenades, 4 mines
Bio: Kenny is a well trained scout for the rebels. Not only is he an excellent marksman he is also trained in the martial arts and is good with a melee weapon. He favours a electro staff but can use what ever is around. Kenny's main strength is his eye sight and hearing. He possese jedi like abilitys to sense when someone or something is near.

Kenny sat in the hnager cleaning his rifle. He looked at it lovingly. He looked out of the hanger and obsereved the battle raging on outside. He was waiting for the signal. As soon as the first star destroyer went down Kenny along with others would get in the landing craft and scout ahead on the planet surface. Kenny saw Blue group attack a star destroyer. It went up in flames. He jumped up. The others had seen it too. Kenny jumped into one of the gunner seats and manned the gun. When they got into the atmosphere they knew they would come under heavy fire. The ship left the hanger and made it's way towards the planet...


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