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He dodged fire from the nearest star destroyer and fired a missile. The missile hit the birdge and the explosion rocked the star destroyer. The missile was so powerful it completly destroyed the shields. The fighter chased after a Tie Fighter and blew it to hell....

Don watched dumb struck as the fighter destroyed a whole group of 18 tie fighters with ease.
"His flight's so much like....Jax's..." Don muttered
Don glimpsed the ship on the side it had "Viper" written on it....It couldn't be

Jax glimpsed at Don's fighter and smiled. He was back alright but not as they knew him. He was not evil....but he had matured alot. His was extremely powerful and he knew it. His power was only matched by his piloting skills. He destroyed another Tie fighter and dodged as a Tie Phantom appeared. He quickly took it out and went towards the star destroyer....


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