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Suddenly, Gus felt light fall over his insides. It was Jax. He was no longer evil... But why? How?
"JAX!? WHERE THE HELL WHERE YOU!? IT'S BEEN THREE MONTHS!" Gus fired a rocket at the Star Destroyer as soon as it's shields flared and the direct hit blew part of the hull to hell. The oxygen shields protected the troops inside. "I think we might need to destroy this one from the inside."
"No Problem," Replied Gus "I got... let's see... Three proton cores right here!"
"Good, I've marked three hotspots on the map of the ship. Plant the P{roton Cores there. Hotspot 1 is the aship's generator, 2 is the oxygen shield generator, and three is the toughest. it's a part of the ship mssing an oxygen shield and part of the hull. It's being cut off by Force fields and three minor Sith Lords are protecting it, be careful."
"No probelm. Jax, Don, you guys are comin' with me, we need to take this fight to the imperials."
Gus's ship sped up and the Force Field on the hangar explodewd. He landed safely and saw a Jedi Knight Strike team attacking sith Knights. They must've destroyed the force feild. While he waited for Jax and don, he helped his fewllow jedi.

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