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name:Name unknown,carries the title of Assassin
weaponsassassin)DC-17 rifle and attatchments,dual pistols,grenades,detpacks,com,trando heavy repeater,tracking devices,concealed weapon,modded armor,(ship)lock on missles,heavy repeating blaster,60 bombs,stealth unit,stealth detector,hacking unit,secondary fire missles,secondary temporary freeze missles
ship:ship unknown,it appears to be colored pure black with the symbol of an eye(one from mind trick in jedi academy) tattoed on it,made for stealth and fast as hell

an unknown fighter joined the battle,disappearing very often and blasting thin air-which turned out to be invisible targets.rebel fighters wondered who he was and why he was helping them.a few tried to ask through the com,but failed.the ship seemed to speed up and disappeared from sight.he reappeared,slowing down, over a downing imperial repair shuttle(very large but not the size of a star destroyer) and hit a switch,four bombs dropped in differant places on the ship;the bridge,engine room,barracks,and power core.the ship exploded nad the fighter flew rebel(not any of you guys or it would be char-controling) followed him.he claimed he actualy saw a figure in pure black armor(gothic,arent i?) step OUT of the ship and start blasting fighters out of the sky with a large machine gun.then an imperial interceptor started following him,already locked.he flew at a nearby moon and started spinning around it.he escaped its orbit and flew right through the interceptor,guns blazing."planetary slingshot" he silently said to himself."oldest trick in the book." another ship flew after him,this time an odd type of shuttle only he had seen-the imperial tie glider,one tie wing right above it and a small,stuffy laucnhed missles for primary and dropped bombs secondary.just then four other fighters,almost similar to his except the fact that they were yellow,green,orange and red.same symbol,same weapons.they flew everywhichway,blasting the tie glider due to its advanced went hurtling into a star destroyer after a lot of shots.they all joined in,a mass of colors and eyes painted on the sides.they sperated in time to avoid the easiest tie yet-an imperial Tie x1.slowest thing with the worst weapons,lately.went down easy.they seperated,coms buzzing.then only the black and red shuttles were talking."we could have got more of em if you werent such a control freak!" the red pilot yelled."well maybe it was becouse some idiot with a bad temper wasted almost all of his ammo-and only hit his own allies!" the black pilot yelled back."hey knock it off!" the green yelled suddenly."keep this com clear you two,we dont want to lose the only allies we have!" wow.they flew off attacking differant fighters,with the red an black ones occasionally aiming at each other.

the covenant is invading!
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