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Exclamation PC Dedicated Server For PS2 - Duplicate Ports????????????


I would very much like to use my PC as a server to host PS2 games on the Internet, and be able to use my PS2 to play on these hosted games with my friends.

My PC and PS2 are connected via a router to broadband internet.

When I host/play internet games on my PS2, there are no problems, but I'd like more players online in my games.

When I host internet games on my PC, I have loads of players online but cannot connect to the server from my PS2.

I've tried and tried to run up the PC server and get my PS2 online, but no luck, and I think I have found the reason why...

Using my ethernet analysis software, I have found that the PC server software uses the same ports as the PS2. Obviously, this is going to clash as the PS2 cannot 'share' the data with the PC server and vice versa.

It must be a relatively simple software update that is required to the PC server software (or maybe a PS2 patch!)in order to change the ports to ones that don't clash...

The ports I have noticed that are duplicated are: 135, 139 and 445

Anybody know how do get a decent answer out of tech support instead of an automated email?

I'd like to get the PC server software modified to use alternative ports to the PS2?

Anybody know how to do this?
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