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The landing ships had managed to get past the baracade. An unknown fighter had destroyed on of the star destroyers with a single missile and this had distracted the imperials. The ships had made their way towards a landing area but they had come under attack. Kenny mas manning one of the turrets and he could clearly see how protected it would be. The imperials were using anti aircreaft guns to take them down. Two landing craft had been hit already and now there were only three left. Kenny fired and and took out a AA gun. But while he was searching for a new target his gun was hit. The ship jerked. Kenny was thrown back. His gun was colpletly wrecked. He had an idea. He lowered the ramp and the back of the ship and set up a machine gun. He fired out of the back. Now the ramp was open he could hear how loud it was. One of the landing ships was hit and spiraled out of control. It hit a large tree and broke into two. One part landed and blew up and the other crushed an Imperial look out post.
This was getting dangerous....


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