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The remaining two ships continued to the landing zone. The Imperial fire was becoming more concentrated and accurate. Kenny was shooting all that he could see. The other ship was taking heavy fire. It got hit on the wing and spiraled down. It hit the ground with a thud and was immediately surrounded by imperilal soldiers. Kenny fired at them. He took a few of them out. Suddenly a Dark Trooper jet pakced onto the open ramp. He kicked Kenny in the face. Kenny bounced backwards. The trooper threw another solider out. He slid down the ramp yelling. The dark trooper then shot at a few more soliders. Kenny grabbed his electro staff but the dark trooper kicked it out of his hand. Kenny was fling into a wall. Kenny pushed the trooper away. The trooper backed off. Kenny grabbed a knife and threw it at the wall. It bounced off and hit the troopers jet pack which sparked. Kenny looked down at the machine gun. It was chained to the ramp. Kenny grabbed his electro staff and hit the chain. One of the sides gave and the machine gun slid down the ramp taking the dark trooper with it, but the dark trooper grabbed the end of the ramp. Kenny quickly pushed the button to close it. The trooper hung on. The dark trooper grabbed a thermal grenade and threw it insude and then let go. Kenny quickly pushed the emergency release for the ramp. It fell and kenny gabbed the grenade and threw it out. But it went off just before it got out. The ship jerked violently and was then hit by an AA gun. The ship crashed into a mountain. Kenny hit the back wall and blacked out...


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