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Don woke up in the medical bay. He was dimly awear that someone was there
"That was a nasty crash" said the man
"I know I'm surprised i made it" Don said sitting up
His vision was blurry. He could see the outline of a man in a cloak.
"How do you feel?" said the voice
"why's that?"
"Because my friend dissapeared"
"Oh and what friend is this?"
"Jax Polara"
"Oh him"
"what do you mean? him?"
"some say he was a bit of a fool to leave"
"don't you dare call him a fool!" Don yelled
"I think I do dare to call myself a fool" said the voice slowly
It took a while for Don to realise what had just been said
"Jax?" he asked timidly
"The one and only" said the voice....


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