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Gus gave another sigh and ran for the Med Bay. He found Don and Jax talking amongst themselves. "MY GOD JAX! WHERE WHERE YOU!?"
"I want to know why you left us, why did you leave!?"
He looked at Don. Don probrably thought he was crazy. Gus looked in to Jax's eyes.... and knew why he left.... He had trained, purified himself. No one had done this before without dying, no one. Purified. Impossible. It was rediculous. NO ONE had ever made it through such rough training, ever. "Jax... How? And... here?" Gus felt anger, but he took a deep breath and took control of his darkness, bringing it out too absorb the anger. He felt better and stronger every time he used his darkness to control his emotions. He had also done the impossible back in the days of the Phantom, he had managed to use his internal darkness as a tool, to control his emotions. He gave a weak smile.

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