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Gus was good at this. Reading thoughts. Jax knew more.... more than ehat he had told them. He thought hard and then remembered a class he took when he was in the Sith Academy. The Force and You it was called. It tought many ''universal'' powers, such as masking your alignment to others. Gus followed Jax through the hall, using his stealth belt to keep him hidden.. He used Force Sight and looked Jax up and down. Blue. It showed a bright blue glow coming off of him. Maybe he had mastered the light side. Impossible. Gus walked back into his own room to fond a suprise, a BIG suprise. Kaitlyn was sitting on his bed, staring down at the floor. she looked up when she heard Gus's robes swish through the air. "GUS!"
"KAITLYN!" They ran up to each other and hugged tightly. "I missed you soooo much!"
"I missed you too, Kait. So.... Why'd you come back here, I thought you retired."
"When I heard about the Rebels fighting again, I remembered you were still here, so I came bakc to help out."
"Good, Wlecome back, Gold Two!" Kaitlyn giggled and smiled. She pushed Gus back, knocking him onto his bed. She lay down beside him and they started to kiss. They sat there for ever, kissing. Finally they stopped and Kaitlyn started to blush. Gus unleashed the darkness again and it quickly controlled his love, rought it down a bit. If it wasn't for the darkness, he would've.... well.... he didn't want to get into it right now. (Those of you whom don't have a clue wha's going on here, look at the recent Phantom Series.)

Elena looked around the space staion, Gus had to be here. She walked thrpugh the halls, her cloaking device active, until she found a room that she knew was it. A teen boy and girl, laying on the bed. Okay, that so didn't sound right... She stuck her blaster up and uncloaked herself."GET UP!" Her assassin droid walkjed in and fired his flame cannon.

Gus jumped up and activated his old Sith saber. It absorbed the heat and started to glow. Kaitlyn got up and activated her lightsaber. she threw the blade and a flash of yellow cut through the assassin droid. It exploded. The Twilek fired at kait, but Gus took the blow instead. He slid back a few feet and saw a boot over his face, she was going to kill him. The foot came down and then dissapeared. Kaitlyn force pushed her into a wall. "Bye." Said Kait, as she used Force Grip to crush here. Elena choked p blood and a lightsaber slashed acroos her face. More blood came up.

She choked until she couldn't breath, then stood up slowly. her face was turning blue now. Wait, it was already blue.... A red luightsaber cut into her stomach and was thrust through to the other side of her. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and all went black.

(( That had to be the most grusome death in the SW saga! ))

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