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Jax smiled. He knew Gus had been tailing him he knew Gus was trying to see what he had been thinking. So Jax had played a trick he had thought of something colpletly the opposite of what was on the planet. Jax had also sensed the bounty hunter. Jax was not bothered Gus was more that a match for her. He also knew Kaitilyn was back. He had sensed her. Gus'slove for her had clouded his view. Jax walked to the birdge and entered. The captain turned
"Don I thought I told you - JESUS! JAX!?!?"
Everyone turned. Jax glanced around
"Nice to see you havn't forgotten me"
"we...we thought you were....dead"
Jax was silent
"I need to talk to you about the planet you are invading" he said quietly
"what about it?"
"there is more there than you realise. More than just an imperial pressence. There is more than imperial soldiers. There are bounty hunters there looking for Gus and once they learn of too. That's not all. Bounty hunters are nothing for Jedi but there is something much much worse in the depths of a temple in the middle of the imperial base"
Jax turned
"Follow me"


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